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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Patients with chronic respiratory conditions such as Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD), or Pulmonary Hypertension often have difficulty with daily activities due to shortness of breath. Pulmonary rehabilitation is a comprehensive rehabilitation program designed specifically for patients with lung disease that has been shown to improve quality of life and relieve shortness of breath. The program involves twice-weekly sessions for 12 weeks and includes exercise and education in a group setting. The program helps patients to improve their exercise capacity, which helps them get back to daily life. It also provides education on breathing techniques to help patients cope with the symptom of breathlessness. In addition, it provides an important support system by allowing patients to meet other people with the same experience. Pulmonary rehabilitation forms an integral part of the comprehensive care of patients with respiratory conditions.

Health Insurance

Each of our providers accept all major health insurances including PPOs, Tricare, Medicare & Medicaid. We will work with you to understand your insurance policy and file claims on your behalf.


Complete our new patient forms and present them to our staff when you arrive. In addition, please bring a list of your medications, a picture ID and your insurance card(s).

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“Dr. Melo and his staff are excellent. I had pulmonary hypertension and they were wonderful to work with. After my double-lung transplant in Houston, I went back to these wonderful professionals to keep a doctor I trusted on board in San Antonio. They’re patient and listen to their clients’ questions and concerns. Highly recommended.”

– Patty S.

“I have been a patient at Texas IPS in San Antonio for 7 years, in treatment for my severe sleep apnea. The treatment I have received in especially these last 3 years with Dr. Manica Isiguzo has significantly improved the quality of my life. It is a joy to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, and not to fall asleep in films or concerts in the afternoon or at night.”

– A. Baniasd

“Best staff and doctors in town, you don’t have to wait for a long time to be seen and they are all kind and well-prepared professionals.”

– R. Sousa

“I have been seeing Dr. Melo & his staff for a while now and I have always had a great experience. Dr. Melo is a wonderful doctor—he is extremely knowledgeable but at the same time very caring & compassionate. He explains everything until you understand and always is encouraging. He also has the greatest staff, such as Sandra & Ashley. They are always so welcoming & helpful. They go out of their way to help you anyway they can. I am very fortunate to have found Dr. Melo and his staff for what they have done to help improve my health.”

– H. Schilling

“Dr. Phoebe King is a very intelligent, professional and knowledgeable doctor. She is a great person with a great heart. She treated my dad when he became sick from COVID. Dr. King saved my father’s life, after God. Words don’t describe how thankful we are to Dr. King. Thank you so much for the difference you make in the lives of your patients.”

– E. Giguere

“I think Dr. Amalakuhan is a wonderful doctor. He listened to my concerns and he acted on these worries quickly, I’ve had two other doctors and I was never happy. Thank you, Dr. Amalakuhan for checking on my wellness.”

– A. Sheppard

“I have been seeing Dr. W John Ryan since 2008 when I returned to the Texas Hill Country following hospitalization for both MRSA Pneumonia and Legionnaires Disease. He has managed my numerous lung, allergy and sleep issues with calm grace and compassion. I highly recommend.”

– E. Seemann

“Today I went in for some tests, of course I was getting a bit of anxiety as I usually do but, Mr. Danny made me feel so comfortable & his amazing energy totally helped me not feel anxious. He guided me through everything perfectly. NP Pam, super sweet and amazing, sat with me and took her time answering my questions. I felt safe and 100% taken care of.”

– K. Arango

“Every staff member I encountered was pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. Amalakuhan went above and beyond to make me feel heard and thoroughly explain to me his plan of care. Highly recommend this office!”

– K. Fabian


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